Neurodiversity is natural, more than that --- it's beautiful

Here at Kind Theory, our goal is to build a kinder world for neurodivergent people: one where systems, communities, and individuals promote their strengths, support them through their struggles, and welcome their differences.

We create.

Through extensive consultation with the autistic and ADHD communities, and strengthened by meaningful partnerships with individuals and organizations, we develop educational events and resources that dispel myths, challenge stigma, and invite compassion.

We connect.

We work closely with local schools, businesses, and police departments, connecting them to resources that ensure their environments and policies are inclusive, equitable, and respectful of neurological differences.

We celebrate.

We are grateful every day for the ideas, creations, and innovations this world couldn’t have experienced without the contributions of many diverse minds. Moreover, we regard neurodivergent people as inherently worthy of support, autonomy, celebration, and love—exactly as they are right now.

The Kind Commitment





"Forming strong, meaningful, and powerful partnerships with organizations and institutions for neurodivergent representation, inclusion, support, and empowerment."

-Dr. Laura Z Weldon, ND, MS

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