The Kind Theory symbol. It's two interlocked infinity symbols (which are each shaped like sideways 8s), symbolizing endless connection and neurodiversity.

Executed Events

Building Inclusive local communities - Juneteenth at Haggard Park
Representing Neurodivergent Artists at Moody Performance Hall Dallas (Inspiring Social Neurodiversity Initiatives)
Representing Neurodivergent Authors at Frisco Public Library (Inspiring inclusive local communities and social neurodiversity initiatives)
Spotlight Video - Maisie Soetantyo
Spotlight Video - Katie Oswald
Embracing autism and neurodiversity - Chris Bonnello
Embracing Neurodiversity Digital Spotlight - Said Shaiye
Embracing Neurodiversity Digital Spotlight - Maisie Soetantyo
Embracing Neurodiversity Digital Spotlight - Katie Oswald
Book Reading "Sincerely, Your Autistic Child"
Transformative Technology-Breaking Down Barriers For Neurodivergent Students
Book Reading Session 2.0 of Underdogs, by Chris Bonnello
The Articulate Autistic - Jaime A. Heidel
Autism and Neurodiversity - Dr Tahleel Javed