The Kind Theory symbol. It's two interlocked infinity symbols (which are each shaped like sideways 8s), symbolizing endless connection and neurodiversity.

Kind Theory is the premier neurodiversity-based non-profit in the Texas area. Using the insights and knowledge of neurodivergent people themselves, we educate organizations, institutions, and the general public about neurodiversity, accessibility, and disability rights as these relate to autism and ADHD. In doing so, we improve educational, health, and employment outcomes for these marginalized members of our community.

Why We're Here

It’s no secret: autistic people and ADHDers are too often underserved in school, employment, and social services. Even their most caring supporters often find themselves confused and disheartened by long-accepted information about autism and ADHD that just doesn’t seem to “fit” them—and likewise, they often feel like they don’t “fit” the world they live in.

Why does this happen? Here’s a major factor: too many of the resources we as a society rely on to understand autism and ADHD were developed without autistic/ADHD input. As a result, these resources locate the problem of “not fitting” in the person and not the environment—and try to change neurodivergent people into something else instead of helping them thrive exactly as they are.


We’re here to change that.

Who We Are

From the beginning, we’ve been a diverse group of parents, professionals, community members, and friends by the knowledge that neurodivergent people deserve better.

Whether through our own lived experiences with autism and ADHD or through witnessing the struggles of our children, students, and clients, each member of our team knows all too well about how deficit-focused resources lead to the stigmatization and exclusion of these important members of our communities.


It’s time for a paradigm shift. Welcome to neurodiversity!


We knew our communities needed resources about autism and ADHD that could foster connection, inclusion, and empowerment for all neurotypes, so we set out to create them. Today, we’re a volunteer-run non-profit clearing the way for kindness. Guided by the insight of autistic people and ADHDers themselves, we provide schools, organizations, and the general public with friendly, accessible training and resources about autism, ADHD, neurodiversity, and disability justice.


Through education, we know we can make our community a kinder, more welcoming place for all.


The first step to understanding is listening. With your help, we can make neurodivergent voices heard.

What We Do

We create.

Through extensive consultation with the autistic and ADHD communities, and strengthened by meaningful partnerships with individuals and organizations, we develop educational events and resources that dispel myths, challenge stigma, and invite compassion.

We connect.

We work closely with local schools, businesses, and police departments, connecting them to resources that ensure their environments and policies are inclusive, equitable, and respectful of neurological differences.

We celebrate.

We are grateful every day for the ideas, creations, and innovations this world couldn’t have experienced without the contributions of many diverse minds. Moreover, we regard neurodivergent people as inherently worthy of support, autonomy, celebration, and love—exactly as they are right now.


To inspire and enable empowering social programs, accessible education, and inclusive local communities that embrace autism, ADHD, and neurodiversity—

by following the lead of neurodivergent people themselves.


Cultivating acceptance, inclusion, and celebration of neurodiversity through education and opportunities—


here in Texas and across the globe.