Nourish Diversity

Nourish Diversity is a six-month program that’s all about empowering neurodivergent individuals to make informed and healthy food choices. We’ll cover a ton of different topics, from how neurodivergence impacts our relationship with food to practical meal planning strategies and debunking myths about ADHD and nutrition. Each month will have a new focus, and we’ll have plenty of interactive activities and games to keep things exciting and engaging.

We’ll kick things off by exploring how neurodivergence affects our relationship with food and doing an activity to reflect on our own experiences. From there, we’ll dive into the role of dopamine in eating habits and create a toolkit to help us make healthy choices. We’ll also learn about key nutrients for individuals with ADHD, develop practical meal planning strategies, and bust some myths about ADHD and nutrition. Finally, we’ll work on building confidence in the kitchen and reducing cooking overwhelm. 

So come join us and let’s empower ourselves to make healthy choices and have some fun along the way!

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