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This Giving Tuesday MAKE A MIGHTY IMPACT

This GIVING TUESDAY – Unlock the Power of Small Donations

How valuable are small donations? Small donations are MIGHTY – like our team – small but MIGHTY! Your donated amount might look small to you, but it is valuable to us! Like pebbles aerate the soil, your support helps us keep going! 

Did you know that pebbles absorb the energy of the sea?

Without these pebble banks, the waves would continue to grow until they reached their maximum size, increasing the likelihood of flooding. 

When all these small pebbles combine, their impact multiplies. And that is what our Pebble Initiative campaign is all about. 

We rely on every single donation made by YOU. 

Know that your support is MIGHTY. 

It empowers us to carry our mission forward. 

As they say, it’s not how much we give, but it’s the thought we put into giving. Help us grow, pebble by pebble to make this world a kinder place.

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