Meltdowns- A Day of Being Misunderstood

Meltdowns- A Day of Being Misunderstood

Meltdowns- A Day of Being Misunderstood

Another day of feeling misunderstood, of struggling to find my place.

The constant stress and exhaustion took its toll. Maybe they couldn’t see it, but I was tired of being misunderstood.

Why can’t they understand my perspective, my way of expressing myself? Why do they misinterpret my words?

Sensory overload and overstimulation led to meltdowns. People often misunderstood, offering little support. Let me take you into one of those moments.

Colors blend together, sounds become a cacophony, and every touch feels like an electric shock. It’s overwhelming.

My senses go haywire. The noise becomes unbearable. I try to protect myself, covering my ears, desperately seeking relief.

I curl up in a corner, seeking a safe space amidst the chaos. Tears stream down my face as emotions overflow, unable to be contained.

But then, a glimmer of hope. Someone took the time to understand my experience. Instead of judging, they listened. A comforting hand gently touches mine, reminding me that I’m not alone.

Through my own words, I could finally convey my truth. It made all the difference.

My meltdowns are not weaknesses; they’re expressions of my unique experiences. I’m resilient, ready to face the world again.

This experience taught me the importance of listening to divergent voices. Understanding rather than misinterpreting.

And that’s why we do what we do at “Kind Theory.”

Ayesha Ijaz

About the Author

Ayesha is a Psychologist with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a strong passion for shipwrecks, astronomy and history.

Labelled “oversensitive” all her life, it was only when she met Kind Theory that she finally realised how it wasn’t her who was the problem ,but the lack of acceptance for diversity in the world around her that was never ready to embrace her for who she was.

She always felt different, but misunderstood. From dealing with different diagnoses to finally realising how she was wired differently, she found solace. 

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