Questions I have

Questions I have

Questions I have

By Hasan Ahmed


I wonder if butterflies know that they are colorful.

I wonder if there are many Hasans in many worlds. 

I wonder if birds and animals can use the letterboard to communicate like me. 

I wonder if the waves have messages for humanity. 

I wonder if time is a thing for animals.

I wonder what my therapy dog Lester thinks when he meets me. 

I wonder if the week starts on Monday, why not start on a Thursday? 

I wonder if I should stop with this or ask one last question. 

Clear minds can have confused bodies – do you agree? I wonder… 


Hasan Ahmed

About the Author

Call him “H”.
“H” likes good people, stories and travel.
“H” can hear.
“H” can listen.
“H” can question.
“H” can learn.
“H” can openly discuss.
“H” can play.
“H” can make mistaking-ly horrible boo-boos.
What works with “H” is some trust, love and laughter.
Next time you see me, try trusting my words. Not my body.

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