Swap your body with mine.

Funnily, it is probably different from what you are thinking. This is a happy view; I am sure you will enjoy the swap for a while.

Speaking of my body, let me go from head to toe. 

My head feels both heavy and light at the same time. 

My eyes take me to a different planet. I see patterns and colors suddenly, even right in the middle of something important and then I spin or go upside down to clear that up. 

My ears travel. They suddenly go far enough to hear a dog bark blocks away and it can also catch the smallest sound of my sister tiptoeing to boo my mom.

My nose is all about food sometimes. I smell my cake, my biryani and so much more. 

My mouth is the naughty one, it gets jammed when I need it to work, and it spits out words I don’t even mean. 

My heart is racing all the time. Playing catch up with my heartbeat can be fun. 

Now, let me tell you about the rumble station. My dad works very hard to keep my tummy healthy. It can be a rollercoaster ride; I wish it gets easier. 

The other part that amuses me is my finger land. I recently discovered I can talk with my fingers. My confusion lies in the fact that my fingers talk so well but they also distract me a lot. 

Quite sure my legs are full of mischief too. My legs are the wheels of my body, they hardly use brakes. 

This fun body offers hundreds of circus tricks. Who wants to swap? 

Hasan was only asked by the parent about what he would like this article to be called and what the subtitle / theme is. With just that question at the beginning of the exercise, the whole piece is written by Hasan without any external prompts or suggestions. This took Hasan 5 sittings of 30 mins each approximately where he tried very hard and refused to give up. He used every possible opportunity to communicate despite all the challenges and sensory distractions the body offered.

Hasan Ahmed

About the Author

Call him “H”.
“H” likes good people, stories and travel.
“H” can hear.
“H” can listen.
“H” can question.
“H” can learn.
“H” can openly discuss.
“H” can play.
“H” can make mistaking-ly horrible boo-boos.
What works with “H” is some trust, love and laughter.
Next time you see me, try trusting my words. Not my body.

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