Welcome to my world

A window in a palace of thoughts 

Prompted by his parent’s question, “Tell us about your world”, Hasan, an 8-year-old minimally speaking child on the autism spectrum, reveals his answer in the form of a poem. He uses a letterboard to express himself letter by letter, and dedicated two sittings totaling 1.5 hours to craft this authentic response that invites us into his heartfelt palace.

Lens of light
Let us see autism as a flight 
In my palace there are no lies
I roam around freely under the blue and grey skies 
My cape is my family 
They always cheer for me happily 
My crown is a hidden treasure
Which many doctors have tried to measure 
I guess you are a good friend 
Because you are reading all the way to the end 
Let me tell the secret 
I have not a single regret 
I sing and dance 
I spin in every chance 
I get to be first in lines 
I hear from people that my smile shines 
My day is packed with surprises from my body 
A new stim, a new loop, things get a bit moody 
Thank you for the window side chat
The door is open if you want to meet a brat!

Hasan Ahmed

About the Author

Call him “H”.
“H” likes good people, stories and travel.
“H” can hear.
“H” can listen.
“H” can question.
“H” can learn.
“H” can openly discuss.
“H” can play.
“H” can make mistaking-ly horrible boo-boos.
What works with “H” is some trust, love and laughter.
Next time you see me, try trusting my words. Not my body.

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