Places and Me

Places and Me

Places and Me

I feel walls breathe. I feel like doors smile. I love windows with curtains because they are naughty and play with me and the wind all the time. The houses I have lived in are like people; they listen a lot but don’t speak, just like me. Guess what? I have even secretly named houses I have lived in. Places are actually like people; they live, listen, love, feel just like us. I enjoy communicating with places. Have you tried this?


Hasan was only asked by the parent about what he would like this article to be called. With just that question at the beginning of the exercise, the whole piece is typed by Hasan letter by letter, without any external prompts or suggestions. He wrote this in one sitting. He used every possible opportunity

Hasan Ahmed

About the Author

Call him “H”.
“H” likes good people, stories and travel.
“H” can hear.
“H” can listen.
“H” can question.
“H” can learn.
“H” can openly discuss.
“H” can play.
“H” can make mistaking-ly horrible boo-boos.
What works with “H” is some trust, love and laughter.
Next time you see me, try trusting my words. Not my body.

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