Safe Place

Safe Place

Safe Place

As a child, I hoped for a safer new year,

But pain stayed, always near.

Growing up, I created a safe haven in my mind,

Yet outside, safety was hard to find.

The shouts, the chaos, the sudden fight,

Memories built deep, day and night.

I grew, but the fear stayed strong,

In my mind’s sanctuary, where I belong.

A young girl seeking a place to be,

Away from a world too harsh to see.

Living where screams and pain was known,

Where pain was normalized, not outgrown.

I waited, longing for a safe embrace,

A sanctuary, a peaceful space.


About the Author

Ayesha is a Psychologist with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a strong passion for shipwrecks, astronomy and history.

Labelled “oversensitive” all her life, it was only when she met Kind Theory that she finally realised how it wasn’t her who was the problem ,but the lack of acceptance for diversity in the world around her that was never ready to embrace her for who she was.

She always felt different, but misunderstood. From dealing with different diagnoses to finally realising how she was wired differently, she found solace. 

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