The Giraffe

The Giraffe

The Giraffe

When I look at this giraffe I made, 
The detail in every spot and shade. 
Imperfect shapes and spots 
The bright colors and the little dots 
They are like my strengths, quirks and every part, 
I love my uniqueness with all my heart.

Ashvita Kunder

About the Author

Ashvita is a 10-year-old artist, musician, singer, baker and self-appointed ‘Head’ of her Prep School for rescue puppies.

Born with a unique perspective on the world, Ashvita navigates life with autism, using music and art to connect and express in a way her words can’t.

Her artwork reflects her connection to nature and her love for animals. She was awarded winner of the Washington State sponsored art contest WA529, in 2022.

She is a singer (Grade – I certified from Trinity College London) and is part of Columbia Children’s Choir, Seattle. She’s been playing the piano since age 6 and plays the clarinet with her School band.

Ashvita is a devoted advocate for the environment. She spends her time fostering rescue puppies helping them get ready for their forever homes. She is also the designated “Spider and Earthworm Rescuer” at School.

Ashvita finds baking therapeutic and she is especially good with cakes and breads.

Note on ASD:

Ashvita receives ADA accommodations at School. She faces challenges with social perception, understanding of mental functions such as belief, intentions, deception, imagination, and pretending; She struggles to understand mental-physical distinctions, reading facial expressions and social norms. She can become anxious in such situations and self isolates as an attempt to cope. Another area of significant difficulty is social reciprocity and social interactions leading to limited social communication. Ashi demonstrates flat expressions, echolalia and idiosyncratic speech, complex hand movements and limited eye contact.

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